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Exporting new energy city buses and high-end coaches to the global market is a goal for many bus OEMs. They intend to build a team with design, simulation, and integration capabilities.

To achieve the goal, the major design focuses are:

  • Lightweight or fuel economics

  • Safety

  • NVH 

  • Ride comfort and handling

  • Durability

  • Bus rollover simulation and the test to reduce the cost of the physical test (ECE-R66)


The expectation from the OEMs: CAE results should correlate well with the test data, or guide the subsequent test planning.

We understand these challenges, hence we are suggesting a time and cost-effective solution that ensures the future sustainability of the field.

ECE R66 Regulation

- Safety regulation is a critical aspect and it is mandatory to be compliant if the bus has to be exported to a certain country.

-Based on ECE R66 Regulation, simulation is one of the accepted methods to carry out Rollover assessment.

- Simulation appears to be a better option, as it is cheaper in terms of cost, faster in time, comparing to a physical test.


Altair Consultant Team with domain expertise & intense Bus development experiences

  • Altair has successfully delivered vast numbers of the simulation projects, especially in the automotive & bus manufacturing industry, with high customer satisfaction & positive reputations.

  • With Altair's distinguished Simulation & Optimization technologies with the pool of domain expertise across the globe, Altair has recognized as strategic technology partners in research & development for most of the Bus Manufacturers.

  • The local presence in Malaysia enables Altair to provide proactive & prompt support to customers. 

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