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Bus  Rollover Simulation

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Exporting new energy city buses and high-end coaches to the global market is a goal for many bus OEMs. They intend to build a team with design, simulation, and integration capabilities.

To achieve the goal, the major design focuses are:

  • Lightweight or fuel economics

  • Safety

  • NVH 

  • Ride comfort and handling

  • Durability

  • Bus rollover simulation and the test to reduce the cost of the physical test (ECE-R66)


The expectation from the OEMs: CAE results should correlate well with the test data, or guide the subsequent test planning.

We understand these challenges, hence we are suggesting a time and cost-effective solution that ensures the future sustainability of the field.

ECE R66 Regulation

- Safety regulation is a critical aspect and it is mandatory to be compliant if the bus has to be exported to a certain country.

-Based on ECE R66 Regulation, simulation is one of the accepted methods to carry out Rollover assessment.

- Simulation appears to be a better option, as it is cheaper in terms of cost, faster in time, comparing to a physical test.


Altair Consultant Team with domain expertise & intense Bus development experiences

  • Altair has successfully delivered vast numbers of the simulation projects, especially in the automotive & bus manufacturing industry, with high customer satisfaction & positive reputations.

  • With Altair's distinguished Simulation & Optimization technologies with the pool of domain expertise across the globe, Altair has recognized as strategic technology partners in research & development for most of the Bus Manufacturers.

  • The local presence in Malaysia enables Altair to provide proactive & prompt support to customers. 

Bus Rollover ECE-R66.png

Ensuring the Highest Bus Safety - Altair Simulation helps Gemilang Achieve Excellent Rollover Rating 


In an effort to increase transportation safety, today's bus rollover and crash test regulations have become more stringent. To ensure all products achieve the requisite safety regulations, Gemilang set up dedicated in-house testing facilities, including a tilt test platform to assess the stability of the vehicle, and a rollover test platform to assess the stability of the vehicle, and rollover test platform to ensure bus safety in the event of a rollover accident. Gemilang decided to leverage computer-aided engineering (CAE) simulation technologies to facilitate the bus rollover assessment during the early stage of product development and selected Altair as its technology partner.


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