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Are You Facing These Issues?

The need for more agile processes for data

Business run at an incredibly fast pace. Therefore the data needs to move at the same pace; otherwise, it is ignored from the decision-making process.

Data becoming more complex over the years

There is a growth in data sources thanks to the advancements in the collection from all the applications such as sensors, industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), MES, ERP, etc.

We Architect IR4 Solutions To Solve Data Management Problem


We are well-versed in a variety of systems, networks, and databases. We work with just about any technology that a business would encounter. The first thing what your organization required is digital connectivity

Make Data Useful

Implement small steps with goal to achieve industry 4.0 function. We will work with you to identify targets and build solutions to achieve the objectives.


The next step in achieving digital transformation. Scale your industry 4.0 function across multiple business unit to achieve the target as Digital Factory. The benefits are real and coming to those who dare.

Do You Know?

72% of the companies are actively pursuing DataOps in their organization

Having the right tools will improve the alignment of people, processes and technology in your company. Data friction is a perennial problem that has been exacerbated in recent years by the growing volume of data and increased demand for the rapid development of data and analytics projects. As the survey results illustrate, DataOps has the potential to alleviate this challenge.

25% says staff spend more than 50% of their time finding access to data

DataOps provides some hope for overcoming these perennial data management challenges, by organizing and orchestrating data into structured format ready to access anytime by end user; cutting down time spent on cleaning data.

91% of enterprises are in the process of defining a formal DataOps strategy

This results provide evidence for the growing interest in and adoption of DataOps in recent years, and specifically the fact that enterprises are not just paying lip service to what could be considered the latest buzzword, but are also taking active steps to invest in technology, people and processes to ensure that they benefit from more agile and automated approaches to data management.

(according to survey done by 451 research, leading market intelligence firm)

HighByte Intelligence Hub is the first Industrial DataOps solution designed specifically for Operations Technology teams.

Built for Industrial Data

HighByte Intelligence Hub was built for the unique qualities of industrial data. The software securely connects devices and applications via open standards and native connections. Use the interface to model streaming data in real time, normalize and standardize data points and data models inherent to diverse machinery, and add context to data models that otherwise lack descriptions.

Designed for Scale

HighByte Intelligence Hub was designed for scale. Simplify and accelerate the modeling of tens of thousands of datapoints from PLCs and machine controllers with re-usable models that transform raw data into complex, useful information. Efficiently deliver contextualized and correlated information to the applications that require it. 

Ideal for Operations

HighByte Intelligence Hub is an ideal solution for manufacturers and other industrial companies because the software was designed for Operations Technology (OT) teams.  The platform-agnostic solution runs on-premises at the Edge, scales from embedded to server-grade computing platforms, and offers a code-free user interface. 

DataOps: The Missing Link in Your Industrial Data Architecture

Industrial DataOps is a new category of software solutions that address the data architecture needs of industrial companies as they adopt Industry 4.0, Digital Transformation, and Smart Manufacturing. DataOps solutions perform data contextualization and standardization and provide secure data flow to the various consuming applications running at the edge, in on-premises data centers, or in the Cloud. HighByte has developed HighByte Intelligence Hub to address the DataOps needs of industrial environments where data must be aggregated from industrial automation and leveraged by business users throughout the company and its supply chain. 


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