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Electromagnetics  Solutions

Altair simulation software (CAE) is used across industries to solve a broad range of electromagnetic problems from static to low and high frequencies. Whether your application requires multiple frequencies and time-domain techniques with true hybridization to enable the efficient exploration of a broad spectrum of electromagnetic performance, other the simulation of magnetostatic, steady-state, and transient conditions, we have the tools you need.

Design of radio and TV, wireless, cellular, communication, remote keyless entry, tire pressure monitoring, satellite positioning, radars, RFID, and antennas. The Altair FEKO method of moments (MoM) solvers is used for antenna design. It also is a leading tool for wireless propagation modeling and radio network planning for broadcast, cellular, WIFI,  and other applications. It simulates a wide range of scenarios, including rural, urban, indoor, and vehicular.

One Product, Multiple Solvers

Electromagnetic applications vary in complexity and electrical size and no single numerical method is capable of handling the entire range efficiently. By offering a selection of different solvers, Altair Feko users can choose the method that is most suitable to the problem that they are trying to solve or use more than one solver for cross-validation purposes. All solvers are included in Altair Feko, and are not licensed separately.



True Hybridization

In some instances, a single solver might still not be enough to solve a challenging problem. Altair Feko offers industry-leading hybridization of different solvers, combining the beneficial characteristics. This allows more efficient and accurate analysis of multi-scale problems, that are both complex and electrically large.


Solver Accuracy and Performance

Extensive validation (analytical solutions, measurement, cross-validation) of the numerical methods and enhancements in Feko is carried out to ensure the accuracy of our approaches. Solver performance and parallel scaling is continually optimized to achieve leading computational efficiency.

Specialized Solutions

Altair Feko offers the only commercial CMA solver. Furthermore, specialized numerical solutions for bidirectional cable coupling, windscreen antennas, and large finite arrays reduce computational requirements. Model decomposition workflows for classical antenna placement problems enable the equivalent representation of the transmitting/receiving antenna. WinProp is used for indoor/outdoor wave propagation analysis and radio network planning.

Method of Moment.png

EMC / EMI Analysis

EMC / EMI analysis is not only used to predict emission and immunity performance, but also in the product design phase to mitigate problems due to external or co-site interfaces. FEKO is used extensively for immunity and radiated emissions testing, shielding effectiveness, noise coupling, radiation hazard (RADHAZ) analysis, electromagnetic pulses (EMP), lightning analysis, high intensity radiated fields (HIRF), reverberation and anechoic chamber simulations. 

Key features:

  • Efficient solvers enables simulation of EMC tests including DUT and the test environment

  • Specialized cable modellling and solver tool to analyze inter-cable coupling, and between cables and antennas or other devices

  • Model decomposition uses equivalent representation of electronic control units in emission tests to reduce computational requirements

  • Time analysis tools to investigate the time domain behavior in lightning, EMP and noise coupling.


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