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Seat Trim Manufacturing Solution

Car companies of today are rapidly becoming the transportation service companies of tomorrow. Interiors will play a significant role; to a greater extent, transportation brand differentiation will on the interior rather than the exterior of the vehicle.


Car companies are transforming, from making cars to providing a transportation service where brand differentiation will rely more and more on a unique, enjoyable in-cabin experience. As this futuristic in-cabin experience becomes a reality, engineering, styling, and costing tools are needed to quickly develop and validate new unique interior concepts from a styling, cost, engineering, and producibility standpoint.


Our Solutions - Siemens - Mastertrim

Mastertrim provides seat trim engineers with tools needed to:

  • Become less reliant on physical prototypes

  • Achieve efficiency and accuracy during design, validation, and manufacturing development processes

  • Better streamline collaboration and communication between styling, design, and manufacturing, as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the supply chain.

Mastertrim makes design changes quickly and efficiently and share information throughout the development process. 


Seat & Interior Component Design


Using Mastertrim for design facilities the creation of a 3D CAD digital twin by streamlining the task of authoring design data that defines a seat trim cover, including sew lines, cover pieces materials, attachments, and hardware. 

This further enables users to quickly make changes based on more accurate feedback and efficiently share information throughout the development process.

Siemens 2.png


Understand the cost implications of your designs. Small changes in a design can have dramatic cost effects. With Mastertrim, users can automatically produce accurate cost estimates early in their process driven by design details such a material area, length of seams, attachments, hardware, and seam types.

siemens 3.png

Flat Pattern Generation

Users are able to save time and material by developing accurate product flat patterns with Mastertrim. 

Mastertrim users can leverage that seat trim digital twin representation to automatically develop 2D flat patterns. Rule-based automation of notches and sew specification allows users to ensure that flat patterns are generated based on company-defined rules.

Siemens mastertrim.png

Avoid delays in the seat trim design process and resolve manufacturing errors and issues using producibility simulations to diagnose potential problems early in the design process.

Mastertrim allows users to validate the quality of cover fit digitally, reducing the need for physical prototyping. When issues are uncovered, engineers have the choice of selecting alternative materials, or to move seams.

siemens 5.png

Release Documentation

The value of Mastertrim becomes evident when users automatically generate engineering documentation eliminating the tedious and error-prone manual process.

Customizable details are automatically incorporated into drawing and documents, including labeling for flat patterns, annotated 3 D cross-sections, coloring by material, customizable tables and labeling of isometric views.

siemens 6.png

Seat Trim Definition

Overcome lack of standardized engineering and trim definition process by providing accurate and precise design data in the form of a digital twin representing your complete seat trim definition.

Mastertrim allows engineers to easily create a complete digital twin representation of their desired seat trim definition, including geometric and non-geometric data, material, seam and attachment types and material and seam properties.

siemens 7.png


Mastertrim stylists and engineers can easily communicate priorities and issues via a single platform. Mastertrim is integrated with NX software and CATIA software for CAD, allowing stylists to immediately see the impact of their designs. Mastertrim enables stylists and engineers to easily collaborate to get feedback on potential manufacturing issues and cost.

Seat Trim Manufacturing Process

By using Mastertrim, manufacturing is able to simplify downstream operations and communicate effectively with the manufacturing floor and suppliers. The Mastertrim digital twin enhances communications of the seat trim definition between design and manufacturing enabling manufacturers to identify producibility issues such as wrinkling and communicate these designers before a prototype is manufactured.

Mastertrim 1.png

Mastertrim allows users to quickly generate customized sew documents for manufacturing that include2D and 3D part and piece images, highlighting sew operations, standard title blocks, diagrams, and logos as well as tables and form elements.

Using Mastertrim also facilities the manufacturing costing process by exporting data directly into a manufacturing cost model, enabling quick calculations based on company-specific parameters and requirements, thus making it easy for users to shorten the time it takes to accurately forecast manufacturing cost.

Mastertrim 2.png

Exchange data between 2D pattern editing and nesting software

With Mastertrim, users can format patterns for editing in the 2D editing software of their choice. Existing 2D flat patterns can be imported into Mastertrim and then edited or used to measure areas, perimeter and lengths as well as generate documents and cost data (providing a two-way link between 2D editing application and Mastetrim). This allows for legacy data to be brought into the digital twin process.


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