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Bus Rollover Simulation Services

To carry out bus rollover simulation with compliance with ECE R66 regulation. Based on ECE R66 Regulation, Simulation is one of the accepted methods to carry out Rollover assessment. Simulation appears to be a better option, as it is cheaper in terms of cost, faster in time, comparing to physical tests.

Casting Simulation Services

We provide casting simulation service right from early design phase to visualize typical casting defects such as air entrapment, shrinkage porosity, cold shuts, mold degradation and rectify them avoiding costly downstream corrections.

Antenna Design and wave propagation services

Design of radio and TV, wireless, cellular, communication, remote keyless entry, tire pressure monitoring, satellite positioning, radars, RFID, and antennas. The FEKO method of moments (MoM) solvers is used for antenna design. It also is a leading tool for wireless propagation modeling and radio network planning for broadcast, cellular, WIFI,  and other applications. It simulates a wide range of scenarios, including rural, urban, indoor, and vehicular.

Drop Test Simulation Services 

Impact analysis or drop testing is one of the most important stages of product design and development, and software can simulate this testing accurately yields dramatic cost and time-to-market benefits for manufactures. 

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