Click2Cast is a fast, easy, accurate and affordable casting simulation environment focused on creating high quality components with increased profitability through a highly intuitive user experience catering to beginners and experts alike. Users are able to avoid typical casting defects such as air entrapment, shrinkage porosity, cold shuts, mold degradation and more by using Click2Cast. 

Guided process templates offer 5 easy steps to simulate Gravity Die, Gravity Sand, Investment, High Pressure, Low Pressure Die Casting and Tilt Pouring. Click2Cast’s innovative experience enables users to increase product quality and design better products with minimal training. 

The new featured-packed release of solidThinking Click2Cast 4.1 includes the following key features and tools:

  • New Material Editor
  • Support for foundry coatings
  • Prediction of porosity based on NIYAMA

In addition to the outstanding new key features in solidThinking Click2Cast 4.1, users can also benefit from the following:


  • Quickly evaluate casting complexity for quoting
  • Predict common casting defects upfront
  • Optimize running and feeding systems
  • Avoid expensive trial and error


  • Quickly evaluate ‘castability’
  • Visualize solidification to optimize ingate location
  • Simulate casting with auto-generation of risers
  • Guide manufacturing engineers to refine process