Altair HyperGraph is a powerful data analysis and plotting tool with interfaces to many popular file formats. Its sophisticated math engine is capable of processing even the most complex mathematical expressions. HyperGraph combines these features with high-quality presentation output and customization capabilities to create a complete data analysis system for any organization.



  • HyperGraph minimizes the manual effort and time required to generate plots. The automatic plot builder generates a family of fully labeled plots from data file(s). The plot builder is customizable. All new curves can be plotted in a predefined layout.

  • Eliminates repetitive tasks. Plot macros capture and automate common math expressions.

  • Report templates can capture and automate the building of entire pages of data plots. These can be reused for model variations and similar models.

  • HyperGraph’s interface and its tools are customizable to fit any engineering environment.

  • A library of over 200 mathematical functions is included and user defined math functions can be added.

  • HyperGraph supports units starting from data import all the way through predefined functions. Conversion between units cannot be easier.

  • Automation tools for efficient data analysis and report generation are provided.

  • Sequential test and simulation results can be overlaid for visualization and analysis.

  • TableView creates an Excel-like spreadsheet inside of HyperWorks Desktop. Value-dependent formatting allows for the easy detection of critical key point indicators (KPI’s).

  • Active session can directly be exported to HTML or PowerPoint.