solidThinking® Click2Extrude™ Metal Extrusion Simulation

Improve product surface quality by early detection of visible defects such as: 

  • Profile distortion

  • Uneven wall thickness

  • Die pickup lines (streak lines)

Improve product mechanical properties by early detection of invisible defects such as: 

  • Charge weld between multiple cycles

  • Seam weld in hollow profiles

  • Skin defects (backend defects)

  • Accurate grain size prediction


Improve profitability and maintain production schedules by early detection of:

  • Incorrect bearing lengths and automatic bearing length optimization

  • Die deflection

  • Dummy block failures

  • Container line expansion

  • Die wear and excessive heating  

  • Improper thermal management

Minimal training with maximum benefit

  • By focusing on ease of use and managing all complexities in the background, Click2Extrude eliminates the costly and time consuming training most other extrusion simulation software requires.